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3. partnered Bela bat Tsebi Hirsch in the 1818. Relationships checklist of The fresh Synagogue Wedding Suggestions (Hebrew fresh acquired LDS library;The Synagogue, London, United kingdom Suggestions 94.1/L1K39h; As well as Harold Lewin interpretation): The fresh new Synagogue so you’re able to Bela, daughter away from Tsebi Hirsch. Indistinct brief notation “repaid step 1/dos seasons; father member” extra underneath; like paid down subscription would appear to suggest specific societal substance so you can Eliezer. Note: ‘Lezer’ is not created while the a version of Eliezer; both brands together with her make up his religiously sanctioned legal/hebrew identity – into the latter allegedly new Yiddish kinui. It’s lifestyle tips during the Eliezer becoming foreign-created. The newest ‘Birmingham’ is created for the hebrew emails for the independent supports, apparently denoting an implemented English surname, or even statements for the lay. ‘Bela’, exactly like Beila, constantly ‘anglicized’ because E/Betsie; Isabella was a type of Elizabeth. ‘Tsebi Hirsch’ is ‘Henry’.

Because of the weird appearance of new surname BIRMINGHAM in other suggestions of Eliezer HART, this will appear to establish this Abraham once the kid from new fore-said Eliezer HART family unit members.

Henry HART is actually variously called Henry or Edward otherwise Edward Haim. The guy generally passed Edward up until immediately after his 1840 relationships and you can 1841 Census, then from the ‘Henry’ afterwards. Records show quite different delivery years anywhere between 1820 to 1823, which have 1821 being most likely. The latest information from Henry HART’s existence, wedding so you can Jane Symons, and his awesome twelve enduring children are ample, and you can readily available on their own to your demand.

5. Birth regarding girl: Rachel HART 1824 The fresh Synagogue Births (Reference:NSB H038): HART, Rachel, Hebrew Name Rekela; came into this world e: Abraham b. Eliezer). That is in keeping with Abraham’s dad’s term and his awesome address at the the full time as the verified by some Listing.


A substantial variety of data files set all of our Abraham HART being employed as an excellent Hatter and you will staying in Rosemary Lane after his relationship, out of 1819 on 1840. They demonstrate that a number of their instant family members performed brand new exact same, and his cousin Elizabeth, sis Benjamin, cousin Asher, nephew Elezer/Lewis, and you can nephew Hyman.

immediately after 1851) so you’re able to present uniform placement of the HART friends inside the some ideas, and particularly the key 1841 Census. The fresh 1841 Census does not bring domestic-number, however, overlaying the fresh 1851 Census Enumeration Areas reveals positioning which have reliability. Rosemary Lane went only north of the London Pier city, for a fairly small 50 % of-mile or more, inside an east-West advice towards London Tower. It had been generally an expansion off Cable Path since it ran Western, to get Rosemary Lane pursuing the junction which have Leman Street (powering of Rosemary Way on North), and Pier Street (running away from on the river throughout the South). Rosemary Way went for about 15 prevents prior to passageway on the Northern area of the recently centered Perfect and you may petering out in the fresh new Minories at Nothing Tower Hill and you may London area Tower. It actually was a beneficial jumble away from alleyways and process of law, one to through the day became a long, raucous outside business, getting among the two facilities of your ‘rag-trade’. It’s significant you to definitely Abraham’s child Henry HART gone because good ‘General Trader’ or Peddler regarding the that ‘Rag-trade’ market to another when he remaining domestic. The reduced household-numbers from one-75 went East from Tower Hill towards South-side; after that doubled back to have amounts 84-149 with the Northern front side performing during the Wire Roadway and you may finish right back from the Tower Mountain.

– During the 1819, immediately after to your South-side pretty nearby the Perfect life from the #23 (Alex Rit). Because source was a subscription record to possess Alexander’s Hebrew Traditions, a text discussing new principles of one’s Jewish faith, it may indicate that Abraham was already quite paid and you can prosperous. They contributes weight to your presumption regarding a 1785 birth, and you can your being from the 34 during the time, unlike 1801 and a good callow 18 or 19.