Killed 8 months ago, Poly was a distribution platform for creators to share 3D objects

Killed 7 months ago, VR180 Creator allowed users to edit video taken on 180 degree and 360 degree devices on multiple operating systems. It was about 3 years old.

Posts on Google

Killed 7 months ago, Posts on Google allowed notable individuals with knowledge graph panels to author specific content that would appear in Google Search results. It was about 9 years old.

Fitbit Coach

Killed 7 months ago, Fitbit Coach (formerly Fitstar) was video-based body weight workout app that used AI to personalize workouts based on user feedback. It was about 8 years old.

Fitstar Yoga

Killed 7 months ago, Fitstar Yoga was a video-based yoga app that created unique yoga sessions based on user preference and skill level. It was almost 7 years old.

Tour Builder

Killed 8 months ago, Tour Builder allowed users to create and share interactive tours inside Google Earth with photos and videos of locations. It was about 8 years old.


Killed 8 months ago, Expeditions is a program for providing virtual reality experiences to school classrooms through Google Cardboard viewers, allowing educators to take their students on virtual field trips. It was almost 6 years old.

Tour Creator

Killed 8 months ago, Tour Creator allowed users to build immersive, 360° guided tours that could be viewed with VR devices. It was about 3 years old.

Google Play Movies & TV

Killed 9 months ago, Google Play Movies & TV, originally Google TV, was an app used to view purchased and rented media and was ultimately replaced with YouTube. It was about 10 years old.


Killed 9 months ago, Measure allowed users to take measurements of everyday objects with their device’s camera utilizing ARCore technology. It was about 5 years old.

Zync Render

Killed 9 months ago, Zync render was a cloud render platform for animation and visual effects. It was almost 7 years old.


Killed 9 months ago, Timely Alarm Clock was an Android application providing alarm, stopwatch and timer functionality with synchronisation across devices. It was almost 8 years old.

Google Shopping Mobile App

Killed 11 months ago, The Google Shopping Mobile App, which had absorbed Google Express when it launched, provided a native shopping experience with a personalized homepage for mobile users. It is now retired and the functionality lives on in the Shopping Tab. It was almost 2 years old.

Google Public Alerts

Killed 11 months ago, Google Public Alerts was an online notification service owned by that sends safety alerts to various countries. It was over 8 years old.

Google Go Links

Killed 11 months ago, (also known as Google Short Links) was a URL shortening service. It also supported custom domain for customers of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite (formerly Google Apps)). It was about 11 years old.

Google Crisis Map

Killed 11 months ago, Google Crisis Map was a website that allowed to create, publish, and share maps by combining layers from anywhere on the web. It was over 9 years old.

Google Cardboard

Killed 12 months ago, Google Cardboard was a low-cost, virtual reality (VR) platform named after its folded cardboard viewer into which a smartphone was inserted. It was over 6 years old.

Swift for TensorFlow

Killed about 1 year ago, Swift for TensorFlow (S4TF) was a next-generation platform for machine learning with a focus on differentiable programming. It was almost 3 years old.

Tilt Brush

Killed about 1 year ago, Tilt Brush was a room-scale 3D-painting virtual-reality application available from Google, originally developed by Skillman & Hackett. It was almost 5 years old.