COUPLE: Cruz Castillo Eden Capwell Tell you: SANTA BARBARA Score: seven Played Of the: Cruz: An effective Martinez Heaven: Marcy Walker Years: 1984-1991

COUPLE: Roger Thorpe Holly Norris Tell you: Guiding Light Review: six Starred Because of the: Roger: Michael Zaslow, Joel Fabiani, Dennis Parlato Holly: Lynn Deerfield, Maureen Garrett Age: 1971-1980; 1989-1998

COUPLE: Joshua Lewis Reva Shayne Tell you: Powering Light Score: 8 Played From the: Josh: Robert Newman Reva: Kim Zimmer Age: 1983-1984; 1986-1990; 1995-2009

COUPLE: Mackenzie ‘Mac’ Cory Rachel Davis Matthews Clark Body type Show: Several other Community Review: 9 Starred From the: Mac: Douglass Watson Rachel: Victoria Wyndham Ages: 1974-1989 (Mac computer and you can Rachel in fact met off-display in the 1973 when Robert Emhardt was to relax and play Mac.)

COUPLE: Bo Brady Pledge Williams Let you know: Times of Our lives Score: 10 Starred From the: Bo: Peter Reckell, Robert Kelker-Kelly Vow: Kristian Alfonso Age: 1983-1987; 1990; 1994-expose

COUPLE: Tom Hughes Margo Montgomery Inform you: Since Globe Turns Rating: a dozen Played From the: Tom: Justin Deas, Jason Kincaid, Gregg, Marx, Scott Holmes Margo: Margaret Colin, Hillary B. Smith, Ellen Dolan, Glynnis O’Connor Age: 1980-2010

COUPLE: Quinton “Quint” McCord Chamberlain Nola Reardon Inform you: At the rear of Light Review: thirteen Starred Because of the: Quint: Michael Tylo Nola: Lisa Brownish Ages: 1981-1985, 1996-1997

COUPLE: John Black Marlena Evans Inform you: Days of Our lives Rating: 14 Starred Because of the: John: Drake Hogestyn -establish (such as the age John are seen as Roman Brady)

COUPLE: Jack Snyder Carly Tenney Show: As World Transforms Review: sixteen Starred Because of the: Jack: Michael Park Carly: Maura West Decades: 1997-2010

COUPLE: gay sugar baby Austin TX Joe Riley Victoria Lord Tell you: You to Existence To reside Rank: 18 Starred By: Joe: Lee Patterson Victoria: Gillian Spencer, Joanne Dorian, Erika Slezak Many years: 1968-1970, 1972-1979, 1987 (inside paradise)

COUPLE: Jack Fenelli Mary Ryan Let you know: RYAN’S Guarantee Score: eleven Starred Because of the: Jack: Michael Levin Mary: Kate Mulgrew, Mary Carney, Kathleen Tolan, Nicolette Goulet Many years: 1975-1979; Just like the a ghost/spirt in the 1983, 1989

COUPLE: Steve ‘Patch’ Johnson Kayla Brady Reveal: Days of Our everyday life Score: 19 Played Because of the: Steve: Stephen Nichols Kayla: (Kayla only)

COUPLE: Alan Quartermaine Monica Bard Webber Tell you: Standard Healthcare Score: 20 Played Because of the: Alan: Stuart Damon Monica: Leslie Charleson Years: 1977-2008

COUPLE: Bo Buchanan Nora Hanen Let you know: That Existence To reside Score: 21 Starred From the: Bo: Robert S. Trees Nora: Hillary B. Smith Many years: 1992-2012

COUPLE: Holden Snyder Lily Walsh Tell you: Since World Converts Score: twenty two Played Because of the: Holden: Jon Hensley Lily: Martha Byrne, Heather Rattray, Noelle Beck Decades: 1985-1995, 1997-2010

COUPLE: Travis Sentell Liza Kaslo Inform you: Look for The next day Rank: 23 Starred By the: Travis: Rod Arrants Liza: Sherry Mathis Decades: 1978-1984

COUPLE: Tad Martin Dixie Cooney Reveal: All My children Review: twenty four Played Because of the: Tad: Michael Age. Knight Dixie: Kari Gibson, Cady McClain Decades: 1988-1990, 1992-1996, 1998-2002, 2005-2007, 2010, 2011

COUPLE: Phillip Spaulding Beth Raines Show: Guiding White Review: 25 Played By: Phillip: Give Aleksander, John Bolger Beth: Judi Evans, Beth Chamberlin Age: 1983-1986, 1989-1991, 1996-2004, 2009

COUPLE: Wire Roberts Tina Lord Inform you: One to Lives To reside Rating: twenty-six Starred By the: Cord: John Loprieno Tina: Andrea Evans, Karen Witter, Krista Tesreau Many years: 1986-1991, 1993-1997, 2008, 2011

COUPLE: Schuyler Whitney Raven Swift Inform you: The edge of Nights Rank: 17 Played Of the: Sky: Larkin Malloy Raven: Sharon Gabet Age: 1980-1984 (together with Jefferson Brownish)

COUPLE: Steve Andropoulos Betsy Stewart Inform you: Just like the Community Transforms Review: 27 Played By the: Steve: Honest Runyeon Betsy: Meg Ryan, Lindsay Freeze Decades: 1982-1986

COUPLE: Jake Harrison Megan Gordon Let you know: You to Lifetime To reside Rating: twenty eight Starred Because of the: Jake: Joe Lando Megan: Jessica Put Age: 1990-1992

COUPLE: Cliff Warner Nina Cortlandt Let you know: All of the MYCHILDREN Rank: 29 Played From the: Cliff: Peter Bergman Nina: Taylor Miller, Heather Standford, Barbara Kearns Years: 1979-1989

COUPLE: Rick Webber Lesley Williams Faulkner Reveal: Standard Hospital Score: 30 Played From the: Rick: Michael Gregory, Chris Robinson Lesley: Denise Alexander Years: 1976-1984