These look like domes or umbrellas and are attached to a bird feeder pole above or below the feeder. It can also be a hollow-cylindrical material with a larger outer diameter than the pole. The inner diameter should be small enough to block the climbing animal.

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  • The suction cups work well and are very sturdy, although now, of course, they are in the way of the view.
  • You’ll attract more hummingbirds and the birds will be less territorial when they have some space.
  • However, for emergency purposes, you may also consider the Kaytee Finch Sock Twin Pack.
  • You can feed them in a separate feeder on the ground and serve them foods they like, or buy a bird feeder that is squirrel-proof with feeding ports that serve small birds only.
  • This compact feeder is too small for large birds to use, making it ideal for attracting finches, sparrows, and more.

Further, find a guard that squirrels can’t chew because these animals chew wire, plastic, and other materials. With some DIY projects, you might have to modify your baffle after installing it. First, watch how squirrels react to it and their maneuvers, then adjust your homemade squirrel baffle. This cylinder-style baffle slides through a feeder pole to form a tunnel with an open bottom. You’ve already spent so much money feeding both squirrels and birds, so you must be looking for a pole guard that gives you value for your money. This pole guard has a green color that blends with your backyard; it won’t draw too much of your attention away from the birds.

Tranquility Window Bird Feeder

This type of feeder has open space platform where you can fill it with bird feeds like peanuts, sunflower seeds and suet. Last on my list of best bird feeders is the Chilipet Bird Feeder. Here are the best offers of Chilipet to all nature-loving individuals are induction hot pot passionate about nature and caring for wild birds. Yes, bird feeders are designed and built to fit nicely on any outdoor space, whether it’s the garden, backyard or window of your house. With this type of bird feeder, any nature lover that wish to bring the captivating view of nature and the wild can have the luxury to do so. While bird feeders are popular, the correct bird feeder pole might just save the day.

Squirrel Stopper Sqc05 Squirrel Stopper Pole Set

You may find a small or medium size bird feeder that can only accommodate two birds. Other bird feeders like the window feeders are big enough to allow larger breeds to feed like the blue jays. Some feeders are designed and built to attract all type of birds, both small and large. Depending on the customer’s preference and budget, a bird feeder for blue jays can be purchased.

This acrylic bird feeder comes with suction cups to hang on to a window for close-up bird- watching. Different bird feeders have different capacities in regard to how much food they can hold. Some are smaller and designed exclusively for suet food, while others can hold several pounds of birdseed. Which size and capacity right depend on your preferences. Some bird feeders use tension springs, which essentially close the feeding area when too much weight is put on it. So, while birds can sit on a perch and eat, a squirrel’s weight will cause the spring to restrict the feeding area, preventing the squirrel from accessing food.

The feeder is powder coated and durably built to ensure it lasts you for an extended period. The steel body and acrylic constructions ensure it does not easily break. When squirrels attempt to access the seeds, their weight on the perche closes their access to the seeds. The only drawback is that sunflower seeds do not easily disperse into the feeding tray.

It’s weight-activated, so when birds land on the perch, nothing happens and they’re able to enjoy a snack. When something heavier like a squirrel tries it out, though, the fun begins! You also don’t need to consume more time refilling seeds and cleaning up. I like this design because it fosters a more effective approach to feed wild birds and this baffle can also be utilized with any bird feeder.

Despite its small size, this feeder is still effective against squirrels, thanks to weight-adjustable perches. Offer the birds food that squirrels don’t like such as safflower seed, white proso millet, and nyjer seed. If using a caged feeder, make sure the cage is large enough so the squirrels can’t reach the food.

Tip #1: Placement Of Bird Feeders

This hanging squirrel baffle will stop the rodents from sliding into the bird feeders. The hanging squirrel baffles also have added advantages such as protecting the feeder from snow and rain. It keeps the feeds dry and prevents the feeder from filling with water. This super dome is the perfect solution for protecting your hanging bird feeders. If you thought a hanging feeder will keep away the squirrels, I think by now you know that the sneaky rodents will still find their way to the snack on your bird feeder.