Annie is not able to confess the girl fascination with cheeseburgers due to the derision due to Eren inside the beginning ceremony

Annie has actually blue-eyes and helps to keep their gothic hair tied up back in a bun for the most part, dressed in the woman bangs over her proper vision. Often this lady has a cold and unemotional looks on her face, no matter this lady state of mind.

Minus the blazer, she wears exactly the same uniform as every feminine dynamics in the show, with a blue bow, white clothing, and bluish skirt. However, she also wears a sweater vest with this and white indoor footwear with white socks.

During the dodgeball video game, Annie try proved to be using dark-blue tracksuit together with her offered identity on front side from it. As the remainder of the woman teams, the woman is additionally putting on a yellow bow within her tresses. [1] Later, Annie changes the lady clothing during recreations Day, where this woman is putting on a cheerleading uniform. [2] Annie adjustment their clothing again in the summertime event. With this affair, she’s wear lighting violet yukata with environmentally friendly and yellow groups upon it. [3]


Annie try distant around we and somewhat bashful when fulfilled with not familiar points. This woman is peaceful with a hard outside; however, she will soften abreast of occasions to certain visitors and products.

She’s embarrassed to declare that she also wants cheeseburgers which is Eren Jaeger’s preferred lunch, as well. But once Eren apologizes, Annie softens upwards, much to Mikasa Ackermann’s discomfort. Quicker when you look at the periods, the woman is unveiled become a Titan speaker.


Annie presents by herself about first day of class, expressing that she originated wall surface Maria South Elementary college. Afterward, she together with other people are called towards the courtyard your opening service. [4]

Within the woman wrath, she threatens to beat Eren in tournament of dodgeball a day later. Annie gets involved in her college dodgeball contest. Their staff is found on a fantastic streak until they have been faced with Eren’s staff. Mikasa ultimately ends up conserving Eren by finding and putting straight back Annie’s balls, and Annie really does exactly the same. As Eren asks the lady about the girl grudge against your, Annie acknowledges about liking alike lunch as he performed. Eren apologizes and both be buddies. Towards the end of the video game, Annie’s teams seems to lose the fit because Conny Springer’s tosses a ball at this lady which she forgets to dodge. Afterwards, Annie joins Eren, Mikasa, and Armin for meal. She supplies Eren a cheeseburger steak after the guy falls his on to the ground. [1]

Annie is seen with Hitch Dreyse, Boris Feulner and Marlo Freudenberg as they go to a meeting regarding nightclub. [5]

After Jean Kirschtein receives an appreciation page, an uneased Annie would like to chat to your. But Mikasa ended up being here besides, therefore, the two babes start a cold argument. Jean, presuming they certainly were battling for him, tried to divide all of them however in responses the two girls struck your. In the act, Annie allows down a letter much like the one Jean had gotten early in the day. She strikes him again, will get their page as well as prevents visual communication with Jean throughout your day. Following the end of tuition, she puts another page in Jean’s locker but is spotted by their class mates and works out. After creating see the letter, Jean operates into park and Annie appears, inquiring Eren and people’ guidance about that letter. Subsequently, she meets Jean at the playground. Annoyed by Jean, who was nonetheless presuming she had emotions for him, Annie hits him before describing she blogged the emails for a buddy of the woman. Annie subsequently s. A Titan next seems and Annie clarifies to the woman amazed friends that she learned Titan words. She subsequently describes exactly how did the Peering Titan met Jean. Annie includes your Peering Titan is really bashful and would like Jean going away together with her. After Jean rejected this lady while the Peering Titan ran away, Annie states that the girl buddy stated she’d maybe not call it quits. [6]