9 Gender and Sexuality Acronyms You Need To See

You definitely study and heard the acronym LGBTQ, which means lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/queer, many instances. But both gender and intimate orientation exists on a range ???‚a€? and there tend to be numerous statement, terms, and acronyms (like GNC, AMAB, and a lot more) which exist not just to let everyone express their particular identities, but also to aid everyone ???‚a€? including allies ???‚a€??’ much better connect. Because the peoples liberties venture (HRC) notes on its internet site, “lots of People in america refrain from making reference to sexual direction and gender character phrase as it seems forbidden, or because they’re scared of claiming the wrong thing.”

Therefore, whether you are still exploring your very own identification or want to make certain you’re getting the best ally you’ll be, it’s worthwhile to remember to comprehend the definitions of acronyms you may find later on. Ahead, discover more about nine gender and sex acronyms you do not know already ???‚a€? no further wondering, ‘precisely what does GNC stand for?’ ???‚a€??’ and take all of them into account the next occasion you’re looking for a very comprehensive or even more specific name to utilize in typical dialogue.

1. GSM

Gender and sex Minorities, a term that some prefer over “LGBTQ” ???‚a€? Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender ???‚a€? due to the comparative inclusiveness. In other words, whoever will not diagnose as cisgender and/or heterosexual could give consideration to by themselves part of the GSM neighborhood.

2. GNC

Sex Non-Conforming, where an individual’s gender norms or sex phrase never accommodate the male/female qualities envisioned by culture. The GNC meaning additionally makes reference to men and women whoever sex phrase doesn’t fit into just one classification and involves many identities ???‚a€? such as agender, genderfluid, and pangender. “Trans*” (note the asterisk) or “transgender” might be put interchangeably with GNC, but more regularly describes your gender appearance or identity becoming inconsistent with the one designated at one’s delivery. You may even see or listen to the acronym TGNC, which means trans and gender nonconforming, utilized as an alternative.


Males who possess sex with men or women who possess intercourse with females, terms included in the healthcare and personal sciences to spell it out guys that have intercourse together with other men and women who’ve sex with other women. These terms are especially beneficial because they do not indicate a person’s sexual character (e.g. gay). As GLAAD notes, the U.S. previously banned men with gender with boys (MSM) from giving blood, and also the discrimination and stigma still exist today.

Cross-dressing or cross dresser, where one wears apparel as well as other items unlike a person’s societal gender norms or their particular designated sex. Someone who cross-dresses will not fundamentally determine as trans*, since cross-dressing does not symbolize one’s sex personality (or intimate positioning, for example).


Male-assigned at birth/female-assigned at birth/unassigned at beginning, when you’re sexed as feminine, male, or unassigned. All three are often allocated by the physician present at delivery based on the person’s genitalia. Including, the term “FAAB” might be utilized by a transgender guy to denote that he is designated the female gender at delivery. Sometimes, the acronyms AMAB (assigned male at birth), AFAM (allocated female at beginning), and SAAB (intercourse designated at delivery) are used nicely.


Coercively allocated male/female at delivery, utilized by GSM/GNC individuals and intersex individuals to explain the way they are sexed at delivery. In the example of intersex people ???‚a€? individuals with incompatible exterior and inner genitalia ???‚a€? these acronyms could consider the point that anyone did not have an option within sexing, or which they have procedure to “cure” the difference (getting rid of the “male” or “female” collection of genitalia).


Trans-exclusionary radical feminists, several individuals who feel they’re feminists while declaring that trans women can ben’t actually women (and this trans the male isn’t actually men), and thus exclude all of them using their reason. One TERF particularly, Victoria Brownworth, moved in terms of to say that “the role of male-to-female transsexuals in the women’s action all together therefore the lesbian activity in particular . [is] a perfect in male power-tripping.” While TERFs ???‚a€??’ like Brownworth, also Harry Potter publisher J.K. Rowling and ???‚a€? gay hookup Chula Vista?’ may think on their own as feminists, the fact is feminism and transphobia are mutually special.


Queer/Questioning, unsure, Intersex, Lesbian, Transgender/Transexual, Bisexual, Allied/Asexual, Gay/Genderqueer, an expression thought about by some becoming a more special acronym than LGBTQ ???‚a€? and definitely easier to say.


Queer and Trans People of colors, an acronym that not only takes into account gender identity and intimate orientation, but also race ???‚a€? thus, as PFLAG records, focusing intersectionality.